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EEN Profile des Monats Juni 2024

Der EEN-Online-Marktplatz listet mehr als 10.000 Firmenprofile und lässt sich nach Suchbegriffen und Regionen filtern.
Die aktuellen Top-Profile der EEN-Profildatenbank bieten spannende Möglichkeiten, um Kontakte für das internationale Geschäft zu knüpfen. Schauen Sie sich jetzt um und finden Sie Ihr Perfect Match!

Belgian Company is looking for Products or Technologies for healthy Sleep

A Belgian multinational active in the consumer goods is seeking products and technologies which allow users to benefit from a healthy, resting and qualitative sleep. The company is looking for solutions that are on-market, market-ready, or require limited development. They areas of interest are: Technology delivery methods (e.g. targeted, faster, delayed, etc.), devices and apps that enable good sleep health, products with claimable health benefits, new and novel product forms, new packaging (e.g., portable, convenient, etc.). The kind of expected collaboration is a commercial agreement or licence agreement.

Request more information: TRBE20240516023

British Company seeks Investment Partners for Modular Floating Dry Dock Technology for Floating Offshore Wind Industry

A British company has developed a patented modular floating dry dock which offers a lighter and more cost-effective alternative to any present dry dock system. The company is looking for partners through an investment agreement to help them develop a fleet of their floating docking platforms. Sectors of interest to the company include aerospace, oil and decommissioning, offshore sector / renewable wind turbines.

Request more information:BOGB20240521017

French company seeks manufacturers of robotic products

A French SME, expert in the distribution of advanced solutions for industry, agri-food, security, construction and retails sectors, is looking for manufacturing partners of the latest generation industrial robotic or peripherical products in order to expand their product portfolio within the framework of commercial agreements. Partners of interest are manufacturers of peripherical or robotic products for the sectors industry, agri-food, security, construction, retail and digital.

Request more information BRFR20240417014

Greek Sustainable Clothing Company seeks Partners for Upcycling Collaboration

A Greek company designing and producing sustainable natural dyed clothes and home textile accessories, specializing in natural dying techniques of textiles, is looking for companies from the fashion – textile industry, who wish to upcycle old white garment under a commercial or an outsourcing agreement. The Athens-based SME is committed to the slow fashion concept and follows a zero-waste philosophy and would also be interested in brands that wish to co-create items and host and exhibition or show.

Request more information: BOGR20240521013

International Open Innovation Program seeks Start-ups and Scale-ups offering Technological Solutions that support Data Analysis for Strategic Decision Making

Italian companies taking part in the International Open Innovation Program MATCHER seek companies offering technological solutions in the field of data analysis to optimize strategic decisions, from tender analysis and personalized healthcare to operational insights and HR strategies. All solutions should focus on data-driven innovation and have a minimum TRL of 4. The goal is to co-develop concrete pilots and go-to-market strategies. Applications can be submitted until 5th July 2024.

Request more information: TRIT20240416008

Slovenian Producer of Electric Bikes (E-Bikes), is looking for Help in Preventing Malfunction of Battery Charging at Charging Stations for E-Bikes

Companies or research institutions are sought that can offer help with the solution of preventing the malfunction of charging the e-bikes at the battery charging stations for e-bike car sharing. The company that develops and produces e-bikes is not sure if the problem is on the battery side or on the battery charging terminal side.

Request more information: TRSI20240508019

Turkish Consortium Seeks Partners for Sustainable Hydrogen Technologies under the TÜBİTAK 1004 Program

A Turkish Consortium is embarking on a project focused on "Innovative Technologies for Hydrogen Conditioning" under the TÜBİTAK 1004 program, seeking partnerships to advance their work. They aim to develop sustainable and economically efficient processes for hydrogen purification, storage, distribution, and utilization on an industrial scale, benefiting from academic support and expertise in chemical engineering. They invite interested parties to join them in this collaborative endeavor.

Request more information: BOTR20240514002

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