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EEN Profile des Monats Mai 2024

Der EEN-Online-Marktplatz listet mehr als 10.000 Firmenprofile und lässt sich nach Suchbegriffen und Regionen filtern.
Die aktuellen Top-Profile der EEN-Profildatenbank bieten spannende Möglichkeiten, um Kontakte für das internationale Geschäft zu knüpfen. Schauen Sie sich jetzt um und finden Sie Ihr Perfect Match!

Recovery of metals for valorization from surface treatment water, before or after processing in the depuration plant

A Basque SME with more than 30 years of experience in the electrolytic coatings sector is actively seeking for technology partners or solutions for the recovery of metals, including nickel, copper, zinc, and chromium, from surface treatment water. The objective is to explore innovative approaches for metal valorization either before or after processing in the depuration plant. The company is looking for a commercial agreement with technical assistance.

Request more information:  TRES20240126009

Czech manufacturer of material testing products is looking for distributors

The SME based in the Czech Republic is a leading manufacturer and supplier of high-quality materials testing fixtures, including bending fixtures, universal testing machine adapters, compression plates and other fixtures for accurate results. The focus is on special and customised solutions from 1N to 5MN. The company is looking for reliable distributors to expand its presence in the EU markets. They are looking for distributors and resellers with good local market knowledge and the ability to communicate effectively across the EU to expand into new territories. Partners will be given access to extensive product portfolio, as well as marketing, training, and technical support.

Request more information:  BOCZ20240409014

A Danish biotechnology research company seeks a European partner to manufacturing their patented capsule machine

Based on Fecal Microbiota Transplantation (FMT) technology, the Danish company manufactures specially developed production apparatus for production of their patented FMT capsules. The company seeks a manufacturer for their patented capsule machine.

Request more information: TRDK20240108016

French SME is looking for polypropylene tube’s extruders for a manufacturing agreement

A French company is specialized in the design and manufacture of polymer-folded products. This folding is a real key asset allowing innovative functionalities to the processed tube. The tube could so be used in aeronautic industry, automotive industry, and many other industrial applications as a protection around parts or as functional pipe. The folded tube is revolutionizing industrial standards by significantly reducing the weight and size of the products. The French company targets a long-term supplying and manufacturing agreement with a pipe extruder.

Request more information: BRFR20240409017

Hungarian company seeks healthcare partners to provide feedback, fine-tune and validate their automatic pill dispensing system

A Hungarian company offers a complete solution for dispensing industrial and healthcare products from their vending machines. Their machines are tailored to the needs of the healthcare sector for provision of personal protective equipment and for single use material. Their bespoke software system provides a full logistics service, saving on workforce time and reducing waste. To continue their expansion, the company is looking to identify commercial agents selling to the healthcare sector.

Request more information: TRHU20240319001

Polish wholesaler in the automotive industry is looking for suppliers of spare parts and accessories

A Polish company operating in the wholesale and retail trade of automotive parts and accessories is looking for foreign producers and distributors. Years of experience and professional customer service allows the company to maintain a high position in the market. For several years they supplement the offer of sale of spare parts for well-known brands of cars. The company offers a wide range of products: car spare parts, equipment for car repair shops, spare parts for maintenance and forklifts. They are looking for manufacturers and suppliers of all kinds of spare parts and accessories for well-known brands of cars who want to enter the Polish market or increase their shares. The company offers international long-term cooperation in the form of distribution agreement.

Request more information: BRPL20240409001

Slovenian company offers manufacturing, assembly and maintenance of high-quality PVC and aluminium windows & doors

A Slovenian family company has been a manufacturer of high-quality windows and doors in PVC and aluminum for residential and commercial buildings for almost 20 years. It offers a complete service: counselling, measurement, design, supply of quality materials (made in Germany), manufacture and assembly of the products. The products are made according to wishes of the customer (measures, colours, types). The company also provides its customers with complete maintenance and supplies spare parts. The company offers its products and services to a partner and is interested in subcontracting and manufacturing agreements. It is also looking for a partner to sell its products on the foreign market and is offering a commercial agency agreement.

Request more information:  BOSI20240405018

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