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EEN Profile des Monats Juli / August 2024

Der EEN-Online-Marktplatz listet mehr als 10.000 Firmenprofile und lässt sich nach Suchbegriffen und Regionen filtern.
Die aktuellen Top-Profile der EEN-Profildatenbank bieten spannende Möglichkeiten, um Kontakte für das internationale Geschäft zu knüpfen. Schauen Sie sich jetzt um und finden Sie Ihr Perfect Match!

Austrian SME is offering all-in-one Management Software Solutions for the Construction Industry under Commercial Agreements

Their product is a robust project management tool for the construction industry, aiding in project planning, resource allocation, budget management, and real-time tracking. It enhances efficiency, communication, and cost control, ideal for construction companies, project managers, and contractors. The Austrian company is looking for strategic partnerships, reseller agreements, joint ventures, and distribution deals.

Request more information: BOAT20240610006

Blood-based highly sensitive Diagnostics of Multiple Myeloma and Monitoring of its Progression

A Czech university hospital has developed set of components that allow blood-based and highly sensitive diagnostics (LLoD 30mg/l) of multiple myeloma (MM) together with monitoring of its progression. They search for a partner interested in making and selling novel IVDR kit. Technology know-how license is envisaged including further cooperation in tackling multiple myeloma (detection, simplification and automation). Patient´s samples are available for further testing.

Request more information: BOCZ20240610019

Deposition and Fabrication of thin Metal Patterns on low roughness 3D Micro-Objects: Supplier sought

A French and American university spin-off which develops revolutionary autonomous, wireless, and battery-free microsystems for a more sustainable future is developing a phygital material, a multipurpose technology based on the collaboration of autonomous micro-robots to generate interactive "phygital" forms. The company is seeking an industrializable technology to manufacture low-roughness 3D quasi-sphere shells for the microrobots and coat them with thin electrode patterns.

Request more information:TRFR20240611023

French Company developing Detectors for Natural Hydrogen and Stimulated Hydrogen is looking for Manufacturers capable of providing highly accurate and selective Hydrogen Sensors to integrate into its Prototype

French deeptech startup dedicated to de-risking natural hydrogen exploration through the development of advanced detection technology is seeking partnerships with manufacturers capable of providing highly accurate and selective hydrogen sensors to integrate into our prototype. Through collaboration, the company aims to develop new tools for hydrogen exploration which will contribute to faster commercialization of this valuable resource.

Request more information: TRFR20240516019

Seeking for suppliers of electronic and electrical waste

The Polish company is one of the largest companies in the processing of waste electrical and electronic equipment in Poland with reprocessing facilities of the most innovative installations, including the first toner reprocessing plant in Poland and the only semi-automatic reprocessing plant for fluorescent lamps. The company is looking for new suppliers of used electrical equipment: companies collecting used electronic and electrical equipment or companies processing waste electronic and electrical equipment.

Request more information: BRPL20240513010

Spanish Company looking for White Hygienic Semi-finished Manufacturers, specifically for Paper Products

A Spanish trading company specialized in commodities and chemicals is continuously looking for new products to meet its client’s needs. The company is now looking for White Hygienic Semi-finished manufacturers, specifically for paper products.

Request more information: BRES20240607004

Production Partner Request: High-quality LED-Mirror Manufacturer required for a Swedish Furniture Design Company

An innovative architectural and furniture design studio in Sweden seeks a manufacturing partner for production of LED-mirrors. The partnership sought is for prototype development and mass production.

Request more information:BRSE20240604001

Ukrainian Manufacturer of Coffee Carts is looking for Partners for Cooperation

The Ukrainian manufacturer of coffee carts is looking for partners around the world for the sale, promotion and distribution of its products.

 Request more information: BOUA20240618005

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