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EEN Profile des Monats Februar 2024

Der EEN-Online-Marktplatz listet mehr als 10.000 Firmenprofile und lässt sich nach Suchbegriffen und Regionen filtern.
Die aktuellen Top-Profile der EEN-Profildatenbank bieten spannende Möglichkeiten, um Kontakte für das internationale Geschäft zu knüpfen. Schauen Sie sich jetzt um und finden Sie Ihr Perfect Match!

Danish Hospital looking for Adjustable Stepping Stools fit for an Operating Theater

A Danish hospital is looking for a solution to their challenge with stepping stools in the operating room. Their current solution is not adjustable and not hygienic (meaning they need to be switched/stacked by non-sterile staff during operations, complicating the entire process). The hospital is looking to enter into preliminary dialogue with interested companies, discussing possible solutions.
Request more information: TRDK20231130015

Danish Company seeks Suppliers of High-Quality Glamping Tents

The Danish company seeks suppliers in Europe to have resilience in their supply chain. They sell their tents to private consumers via their website, and as they have success with sales they search for a European suppliers, which can supply an estimated 1000 tents per year. Today the tents are bought in China. The company aims for high quality and sustainability. The brand was established 5 years ago with a main focus on glamping tents and accessories. It is essential that the tents have high-quality standards. Today the Danish company manufactures tents in a poly/cotton blend 70/30 320gsm. They constantly improve the tents and are open to new suggestions, for material etc. 

Request more information: BRDK20240103003

Italian innovative Start-Up Company specialised in Hydrogen and Electric Aircraft Design is looking for Business Partners

Italian start-up company conceived a new digital suite able to encompass all the stage of the design of conventional and unconventional aircraft, focusing on hybrid-electric and hydrogen fuelled aircraft.
This new software can replicate the designers work, starting from the TLAR (Top Level Aircraft Requirement) to the detailed modelling. The company is looking for partners interested in adopting the new digital suite or offering it their clients. The company is also looking for investors.

Request more information: BOIT20240105004

Technical Collaboration sought for Processing Photovoltaic Modules Backsheets post-glass Separation

An Italian SME active in the disposal of end-of-life PV modules is seeking more efficient methods for valorising raw materials from their disposal processes. Currently, the process involves the separation of aluminium frames and junction boxes, while much of the modules' components remain not valorised, exception made for glass which is extracted leaving the "backsheet" as the residual product of the process. Collaboration with a company capable of processing PV module backsheets post-glass separation is sought.

Request more information: TRIT20231120011

Italian Start-Up is looking for AI Suppliers to develop its Cutting-Edge Athletic Performance Software

An Italian start-up is developing a user-friendly and powerful software to unlock athletic potential and prevent injuries with AI-driven movement analysis. It is seeking AI specialists skilled in image recognition.

Request more information: TRIT20231030014

Macedonian Company is looking for Plastic and Metal Components Suppliers in the Automotive Industry

Macedonian FDI manufacturer specializing in the production of electronic components like capacitors and bricks for the automotive industry seeks a partner experienced in producing products from plastic and metals (copper alloys). This includes expertise in plastic parts, plastic cases, trays, as well as metal products, copper alloy busbars under supplier or outsourcing agreement. The partner preferably should have an international experience with foreign partners, with at least ISO 9001, which can provide a large quantity of components upon their specific requirements. Additionally, they must possess the knowledge and equipment to conduct thorough quality and functionality tests to ensure products meet industrial standards and customer specifications.

Request more information: BRMK20231229003

Slovenian Company is looking for Partners in the Confectionery and Food Industry

Established in 1992, this Slovenian company is a major supplier in Europe and SIS for cocoa powder, butter, and beans from Asia and Africa. This subsidiary supplies various products, including desiccated coconut, cocoa powder, and cocoa butter, all certified with HACCP, ISO, and FSSC22000. The company collaborates with the top ten largest European cocoa product manufacturers like Cargill and Barry Callebaut, ensuring a wide reach in the market. Based in Ljubljana, the company is committed to supplying premium quality confectionery raw materials at competitive prices, focusing on customer satisfaction and market demands. In essence, the company aims to form mutually beneficial partnerships with businesses that share a commitment to quality, reliability, and value in the confectionery and food production sectors.

Request more information: BRSI20231227019

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